The true meaning of equality

A short story of everyday sexism


Laura has gone out tonight. It’s 2 a.m. and she decides to go back home. Her friends don’t want to leave yet, so Laura has to go on her own. As she walks away from the city centre, the streets get empty. At the end of the avenue, there is a group of young boys. As she gets closer, their stares lurk like hyenas; and when she walks by, their shouts sound typical and rude: “Hey beautiful, where are you going this late? Why so alone?” They are just joking. She knows. They only want to mess with her, to laugh at her own expense. They don’t even change their position while saying it. However, she does what she is used to doing: she walks faster, grabs her phone and pretends to call someone; all this motivated by fear and anxiety. Same night, 2:30. David is going home by himself. He walks the same street, with the same group of young boys. They exchange looks and he continues walking calmly. Identical circumstances, opposite stories. Something makes them different: their gender.

We have fought, and we keep on fighting, inequality in it’s most legal side, but it is time now to battle the ideology too. Sexism is not dead, it is part of our culture and education; and we need to keep fighting so that one day we may understand the true meaning of equality.


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