‘The world’s greatest miniature village’ up for sale


A miniature village that claims to be the ‘world’s greatest’ has gone on sale for $2.3 million (£1.6 million).

Roadside America, a popular attraction which sits on interstate 78 in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania, showcases 200 years of American history throughout its 7,450 square foot miniature landscape.

The mouse-sized town was first opened in founder Laurence Gieringer’s home in 1935, however moved to a warehouse in 1941 to accommodate its expanding size.

The ever growing village moved again in 1953 to its current location.

Mr Gieringer passed away in 1963 and it has been left virtually untouched since.

It is currently operated by Mr Gieringer’s grand-daughter Dolores Heinsohn and her family, however they are no longer able to manage the business.

In a statement, Roadside America said: “Roadside America has been a family owned and operated business for 85 years, and as the current owners reach the age of retirement, most people are looking to the next generation to take over operations.

“Running any business is difficult, and a business as unique as Roadside America requires more time and energy than most people may realise.”

They added: “It takes a special person to appreciate Roadside America as we do, and we’re hoping to find someone who is willing to preserve our historic display.”

While potential buyers look at the property, Roadside American will remain open to the public.

The plot, which includes 26 acres of land, is being sold by estate agents Commonwealth Real Estate.


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