Thousands join vigil held for London Bridge terror attack victims


Thousands of people have paid tribute to the dead and wounded in the London Bridge terror attack at a vigil.

Muslims, police, emergency workers and ordinary commuters were among those who joined the ceremony which took place near the attack site.

Some held up banners with messages of love and solidarity, stressing that terrorists would not succeed in sowing fear and division.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said London “stands in defiance against this cowardly attack”.

He was cheered as he said that extremists would never win.

“As a proud and patriotic British Muslim I say this you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name.

“Your perverse ideology has nothing to do with the true values of Islam.

“You will never succeed in dividing our city.”

The solemn ceremony included a laying of wreaths by police officers. Four officers are known to be among the injured.

Many of those who joined the event carried flowers and some held Union flags.


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