Toddlers among dead as India hit by monsoon flooding


More than 1,200 people have died across south Asia, including two toddlers in India, as torrential monsoon rains struck the region bringing with it almost a month’s worth of rain in a day.

India, Bangladesh and Nepal have all been affected by the heavy rainfall with officials in Mumbai reporting at least one woman and two toddlers had been killed after houses collapsed in the city’s suburbs.

At least three others were also said to have died in the neighbouring city of Thane after being swept away by floodwater.

People across south Asia have been warned of more potential devastation and a rising death toll to come as further rain continues to exacerbate the worst floods to strike the region in years.

Particularly badly hit by the extreme rain has been Mumbai where many streets have been turned into rivers and people have been left wading through waist-deep waters to get to and from work.

Late on Tuesday as waters continued to rise the city’s commuter trains had to be shut down, buses ground to a halt as they were half-submerged under water, and the flooded airport had to divert flights to other cities.

Although transport was working again by Wednesday morning traffic reportedly remained chaotic and the Meteorological Departmen warned more rain was on the way.


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