Trump’s description of Comey as a ‘nut job’ causing real shock


Despite the pomp and ceremony seen in Saudi Arabia it is increasingly clear here in Washington that the president is in a world of political and possibly legal trouble back home.

There is even a consensus view emerging that this is not sustainable.

These comments and this description that Trump gave of James Comey to the Russians in the Oval office describing the former FBI director as a ‘nut job’ is causing real shock.

One former very senior counter intelligence official said that it was shocking that Trump would say that, that it’s a stab in the back to the FBI and the CIA, and almost ‘unbelievable’ in his words that he said it to the Russians of all people.

Remember that in maybe about two weeks James Comey himself will come to Capitol Hill and give testimony to the senate intelligence committee. Remember too that Comey has the motive the ammunition and the credibility to do real damage to the Trump presidency.


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