Two Mourners Gunned Down At Religious Wake In Mexico


Two mourners were killed by gunfire while they attended on outdoor wake in the early house of Wednesday in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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While neighbors were gathered at the wake of a man fatally shot in another sector of Guadalajara on June 10, armed men drove up in several vehicles and opened fire on the crowd, The Informador reports.

State police and paramedics confirmed that two people, aged 35 and 38, died shortly after and eight others were injured, including a child, in the attack.

Witnesses say that a short time before the fatal shootings, several people began firing into the air with longarm weapons before driving away.

The subject of the wake was killed during a shootout between special officers and civilians in Guadalajara on Sunday.

The killers hid on rooftops then took refuge in a farm inhabited by three women who told poice they wouldn’t give up the attackers. The women finally released the suspects after three people were killed.



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