Ukip suspend candidate over ‘racist’ tweets


Ukip has suspended one of its party’s General Election candidates after it allegations of him having sent a series of “racist” tweets emerged.

According to reports Paddy Singh, the Ukip candidate for North Wiltshire, will continue to be listed on the constituency’s ballot paper but he will no longer have the endorsement of his former party.

Ukip leader Paul Nutall branded the social media posts which prompted the allegations of racism as “totally unacceptable” after anti-racism campaigners flagged up the tweets made by the former cavalry officer – tweets which dated back to 2014.

In the tweets Captain Singh is said to have described Israelis as “basically Nazis in mentality” and stated he felt there was no hope of a ceasefire in the Middle East “with the Nazi Jews like wild dogs on the rampage”.

In 2016 he also posted a link to an article about the murder of a Pakistani politician with the comment: “Is Pakistan a country inhabited by humans or animals?”

After the allegations emerged on Friday Captain Singh has had his membership of the party suspended – a decision he has said he accepts.

He told the Press Association: “I don’t blame them at all that they felt they needed to suspend me

“I will campaign for them if they allow me, but if they ask me not to, I won’t. I wish them all the best.”

Captain Singh has denied being a racist but accepted some of his comments had “gone too far”.

He added: “Those tweets go back several years, when I had nothing to do with Ukip.

“I was commenting on articles that came out in the media.

“It was on the spur of the moment and it was my fault for being that spontaneous.”


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