British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday vowed to tighten sentencing laws after a man released early from prison after a terrorism conviction stabbed two people to death, according to Reuters.

The man, Usman Khan, was shot dead by police after killing two people and threatening to detonate what was later revealed to be a fake suicide vest, officials said.

“We are going to bring in tougher sentences for serious sexual and violent offenders and for terrorists,” Johnson said in a BBC interview, according to Reuters. “I absolutely deplore the fact that this man was out on the street, I think it was absolutely repulsive and we are going to take action.”

Johnson also assailed Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn for his stance that discretion should be applied in sentencing for terrorism convictions based on the specific crimes as well as prisoners’ conduct.

Johnson also blamed Labour for bringing legislation in 2008 that provides automatic early release for some prisoners. Corbyn became party leader in 2015.

Yvette Cooper of the Labour Party, meanwhile, said in a series of tweets Saturday that the Conservative Party’s replacement of the 2008 law in 2012 had hindered the government’s ability to track released prisoners convicted of terrorism offenses.

“What monitoring arrangements were applied to Usman Khan? Was there any restriction on his movement to prevent him going into central London? Were probation, police or security services aware that he was going to a big public conference? Did they have resources to monitor him?” she tweeted.



USA News


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