UPDATE: Shots Fired At YouTube HQ



Breaking from the L.A. Times, no other details available yet:

A local restaurant hostess told the Times three YouTube employees came in and were visibly shaken.

“They came in from a back door,” she said. “They sat down at a table. They were in a daze. One guy, there was a little blood on his head.”

Tam said other one of her colleagues gave them a first aid kit and she said one of the YouTube employees said there was a fragment of a bullet in her shoe.

About two dozen customers barricaded themselves inside Nueve restaurant when authorities told them to “stay far away from YouTube” about 1 p.m., bartender Carlos Gutierrez said.

“Is this really happening?” Gutierrez wondered. “Or is it a false alarm?”

On the TV, a woman with blood on her was later interviewed, confirming to Gutierrez that it was really happening. Police, highway patrol, and SWAT holding sniper rifles moved past the windows of the restaurant.


USA News


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