Vast majority of Grenfell victims still waiting for new homes with just 14 families rehoused


The vast majority of families whose lives were destroyed in the Grenfell Tower fire are still waiting for a new home, ITV News has revealed.

Of the 176 households caught up in the disaster – many of whom also lost family and friends – only 48 have accepted temporary new accommodation.

And just 14 have been given permanent new homes – a figure that has not changed in five weeks.

Some of those caught up the disaster have said the continued uncertainty has added to their burden as they struggle to cope with the terror and loss of the night.

Sabah Abdullah, 72, whose wife Khadija Khalloufi died in the fire, has been living in a bare hotel room for eight weeks since the fire.

He summed his existence simply as “miserable”.

“I don’t know how to describe it. You can’t imagine. You don’t know when to laugh, you don’t know when to cry,” told ITV News.

“It’s a big, bad mixture.”

And his situation is far from a one-off.

Curtis Etienne was evacuated from his home with his 89-year-old mother, who has since been moved between three care home and two hospitals.

Her family shared distressing footage of her crying in bed to highlight her plight as they wait for news of a new place to live.

Mr Etienne said he had heard “nothing” from the authorities who are supposed to be finding them a new flat.

“A like-for-like pace in west London where my mum can move to, that’s all I need,” he said.

The Grenfell response team say they have made offers to a 176 households, but many were turned down because they were simply inadequate.

Other households have refused temporary homes because they fear they will stuck there or say they want to move somewhere permanently.

The Government said that where residents have turned down an offer of housing they will try to find suitable alternatives.

Where residents are not ready to engage with the process because they are still coping with the terms of their loss, they will wait, the statement added.

However many residents say they are desperate to move to a new place but no suitable offer has been forthcoming.


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