Venezuela’s National Electoral Council has begun the process of registering political parties to participate in the regional elections for governors scheduled for Dec 10.

Venezuela: Maduro Welcomes Opposition Participation in Regional Elections

According to the CNE the 22 political parties included opposition parties qualified to participate in the vote that will also elect members of the legislative councils of the 23 states of Venezuela.

The political organizations fulfilled requisites to renew their participation in elections, after collecting 1 percent of signatures of support from citizens to validate their future run. Registration will continue until Wednesday, with electoral campaigning set to begin on Nov. 15, culminating on Dec. 7.

Through her twitter account, CNE president Tibisay Lucena said that the electoral body will receive applications until August 17.

Almost 19 million people are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.

Opposition parties Democratic Action, Progressive Advance, A New Time, First Justice and Popular Will have announced that they will participate with their candidates in the regional elections, leaving those factions of the opposition who have called for a boycott of all upcoming elections in the lurch.



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