Venezuela: Maduro Welcomes Opposition Participation in Regional Elections



Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro welcomed opposition parties who have announced their intentions to participate in December’s regional elections which will choose governors and state administrators.

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“Henry Ramos Allup’s Democratic Action, Henry Falcon’s Progressive Advance, Manuel Rosales’ A New Time, Julio Borge’s First Justice and Luis Florido’s Popular Will all have announced that they will participate with their candidates in the governor elections,” the president stated in a televised announcement recorded in Miranda.

The president added that in the 18 years of the Bolivarian Revolution, the country continues to break world records as it approaches its 22nd election.

"I want to be heard well, especially the media that manipulate the democratic reality of Venezuela worldwide, there is no country in Latin America that has a democratic life like ours," he said.

Maduro went on to thank members of the public who participated in the National Constituent Assembly elections and criticized opposition members for preventing citizens from exerting their right to vote by threatening violence against them.

"There is a visible heroic people here, while all the opposition called for a boycott of the polling stations, to block the streets, to persecute the voters, more than eight million men and women went out to express themselves. I thank the brave middle class who voted in the Poliedro de Caracas," Maduro emphasized.

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Then the international agencies backed the numbers of the opposition, not the National Constituent Assembly, which was backed by international observers, and a fully shielded system,” the president said.

“We won 19 honorable and transparent elections in 21 of the most advanced electoral processes — the most complete system — where several audits were carried out in addition to real-time auditing. The process was 100 percent transparent," Maduro concluded.

Thousands of Venezuelans turned out to vote for the 545 members of the Constituent Assembly July 30 with some 43 international observers and electoral experts in attendance monitoring the electoral process.

Opposition lawmaker Ramos Allup announced early last week his intention to participate in the coming elections, encouraging other party members to do the same, reminding them, “they have always demanded respect for voting rights” during violent street protests.

"If we do not sign up for governor elections, Chavismo would win 23 governorships," Ramos Allup said during an interview. "And in that same line, we would also give away 335 municipalities."



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