Venezuela Provides 2,000 New Homes to Poor Families


In line with former President Hugo Chavez’s dream of eliminating homelessness, the Great Venezuelan Housing Mission, GMVV, has provided over 2,000 new homes to poor families this week. 

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The housing initiative, which began in 2009, is intended to help the country’s poor and unhoused by providing them with government-subsidized homes. With an ambitious goal of constructing 3 million homes by 2019, the Venezuelan government has already provided shelter to over 1.7 million families.

Since January, 343,469 houses have been built and another 131,593 titles were handed over, AVN reported. 

Chavez, who believed that housing should be a fundamental right for all Venezuelans, blamed the country’s previous capitalist economic model for homelessness. 

“We are going to make all of these neighborhoods beautiful,” Chavez said in 2009, when he announced the initiative.

“May God be with us as we move forward with maximum efficiency and with love for all of our people.”

The initiative continues to move forward under the administration of President Nicolas Maduro.

The three main state projects — Gran Mision, Barrio Nuevo and Barrio Tricolor — focus on creating a community system, or the Community Construction Patriotic Plan, which cultivates a sense of patriotism and security.


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