Venezuela To Request UN Electoral Observers After Colombian Vote


Venezuela will ask the Union of South American Nations as well as the United Nations to create a committee monitoring good electoral practices after the “disaster” observed during the Colombian elections last Sunday.

Irregularities, Fraud Allegations Mar Colombian Elections

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said the committee is meant to “teach Colombia to carry out elections,” criticizing the numerous irregularities registered in the neighboring country by the Colombian electoral mission.

The Venezuelan minister evoked the lack of good security conditions, the use of photocopies resulting from the shortage of ballots despite the fact that the abstention rate was over 50 percent, among others.


He also highlighted the low turn out rate —about 47 percent, “much less than what we are used to observing here in Venezuela,” adding that blank votes exceeded the number of valid votes.

“The fact that candidates had to ask to photocopy ballot papers is absurd and impossible —this is called electoral fraud,” he added.

Colombia’s legislative elections and interparty primaries have created a stir in the South American nation after major irregularities were reported by NGOs, candidates and social media users.

The National Civil Registry said ballots had run out in Medellin, Cucuta and Manizales, but voters could use photocopies.

Other users on social media also posted numerous videos showing alleged irregularities including vote buying.


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