Venezuela: Top Prosecutor Receives 140 Cases of Economic Crimes


Attorney General of Venezuela Tarek William Saab reported on Thursday that his office has received numerous complaints this week in reporting price speculation, hoarding, and economic destabilization, following the implementation of the Economic Recovery Plan implemented by the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

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"In a week we have received 140 cases of which 111 were caught red-handed with a total of 131 people arrested, 92 were detained, 29 with precautionary measures of imprisonment and 10 still free," said Saab.

Among the prisoners are several managers of large commercial chains, who speculated and hoarded basic basket products which causes damage to the population.

These people have been indicted for the crimes of resale, speculation, hoarding, boycott and economic destabilization.

Regarding the new cases of corruption the Attorney general office is processing, the prosecutor indicated that an arrest warrant was requested against Juan Manuel Requesens Páez, president of the company Servireque Global SA, after finding multiple irregularities in two contracts with the company Guss Producciones.

Officials have also apprehended 885 people for the crimes of corruption of which 569 were sentenced after confessions of the crimes. A total of "47 were sentenced in court and 52 raids have been carried out," added the country’s top prosecutor.

Saab noted that 30 former prosecutors of the Public Prosecutor’s Office are currently under imprisonment for corruption offenses.

Finally, he indicated that his office will continue to fight for the order of the country with the support of the executive branch and the other bodies of the justice system in Venezuela.


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