Venezuela Welcomes Home 91 Citizens from the Dominican Republic


Venezuela’s Repatriation Plan has received another 91 citizens back to the homeland from the Dominican Republic on Saturday, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said.


Over 9,000 Venezuelans Register for Maduro’s Repatriation Plan

"The second group of compatriots arrived, who decided to return from the Dominican Republic to the land where they were born; 91 brothers who return full of dreams, hope and desire to work for our country. Welcome compatriots!," Arreaza wrote on Twitter.

Nearly 9,000 Venezuelans have returned to the country after President Nicolas Maduro introduced the initiative in August.

So far, 6,663 returned from  Brazil, 95 from the Dominican Republic, 854 from Peru, 305 repatriated from Colombia, 836 from Ecuador, 171 from Argentina, two from Chile and finally one has returned from Panama.

Surveys taken by participants of the repatriation plan show that the majority opted to immigrate homewards due to mistreatment, racism, xenophobia, abuse, and lack of employment abroad.

Reports show that 66 percent of the Venezuelans returning are adults, 55 percent of whom are women, 45 percent are men, 12 percent are senior citizens, and 16 percent adolescents.

A three-step process, the Return to the Homeland Plan requires participants to register prior in order to arrange state-funded transportation and a reinitiation into the Bolivarian social system.


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