Venezuelan Government Stops New Violent Opposition Plan


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reported on Thursday the unraveling of a plan to reactivate violence in the country in the coming days, financed and orchestrated by the opposition First Justice party and other leaders of the right.

During a meeting of the General Staff of Caracas, the president explained that on Wednesday some members of the "guarimberos" groups were captured, which "were going to start with a plan of disturbances in the east of Caracas."

Venezuela’s Government Resumes Dialogue With Opposition

"Intelligence agencies have acted and captured these groups, I call on the people to support all peace efforts," he said.

"Make those responsible pay, those who are behind the plans of violence," said President Maduro in reference to the political leaders of First Justice who are behind these events.

The head of state said that "the time of the guarimba has to be left behind" and that "Venezuela wants peace."

The Venezuelan leader stated that he had instructed the government delegation, as part of the dialogue with the opposition that resumes this Friday in the Dominican Republic, to reach comprehensive agreements for the defense of the country’s economy.

He said he hoped the talks would move forward "to reach agreements, give full guarantees for this year’s presidential elections and therefore not give the opposition an excuse to run away, to go to the path of violence, the guarimba."


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