Venezuelan Officials Find $60K Cash in Opposition Figure Car


Venezuelan authorities found tens of thousands of bolivars in cash inside four wooden crates in a vehicle belonging to the wife of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

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Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab said police found 200 million bolivares, about US$60,000 at the official exchange rate, inside the vehicle belonging to Lilian Tintori, and have opened up an investigation.

The criminal investigation unit, CICPC found the bills inside four wooden crates, according to Saab. "Because this is an alleged offense that implies, of course, a link with the existing criminal laws, the Public Ministry will proceed to investigate," Saab said.

"What we have been informed, through CICPC intelligence, is that the ownership of the vehicle corresponds to a direct relative of the citizen Leopoldo Lopez," Saab said to VTV.

Saab said that a prosecutor has been assigned to the case, and offered no further more details when asked if the money was intended to fund opposition groups citing the fact that it is an ongoing investigation.

Tintori later admitted it was her vehicle, but denied that having the money was illegal, confirming that the money did belong to her family.

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The finding sparked outrage on social media, triggering a response from Tintori on Twitter, where she said the money was to pay for her grandmother’s hospitalization because she has no insurance.

Last April, the Bolivarian National Police arrested Tintori’s lawyer in Caracas for materials she was holding that could be used to falsify documents, according to authorities.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro revealed that Tintori had spent US$3.5 million to take a picture with U.S. President Donald Trump, during a trip to the United States to advocate for the freedom of her husband and the ousting of President Nicolas Maduro.

Lopez, from the opposition party Popular Will, is under house arrest for health complications, as part of a 14-year sentence for inciting violent demonstrations in 2014, which left 43 people dead.


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