Venezuela's Maduro Installs IV PSUV Congress On Chavez's 64th


Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has installed the IV Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), on what would have been the 64th birthday of late Bolivarian Revolution icon Hugo Chavez.

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Addressing crowds of supporters on Saturday, Maduro said the country must unite in order to overcome its issues, including the economic war being waged against it by Washington.

"I know the proposals that have been generated, the brother movements, the Great Patriotic Pole, to face the economic war and bring the country" to a state of economic recovery, said the president.

Maduro also described the Bolivarian Revolution as one of the world’s most sustained revolutionary processes.

"On February 27 we will be commemorating the 30th anniversary of the national popular rebellion that our people carried out, which is the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the longest, most sustained and profound revolutionary cycle in the history of Venezuela."

He called on the nation’s intellectuals and historians in Congress to preserve the revolution’s historical processes through the establishment of a permanent commission. 

Finally, Maduro extended his support to people caught up in the opposition violence which has swept Nicaragua since mid-April.


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