Venezuela's Maduro: Threats, Aggression Make Us Stronger


Venezuela commemroted Tuesday the 235th anniversary of Simon Bolivar, Latin American liberator, with several events including a military parade during which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro praised the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) and stressed that "the aggression and threats make us stronger, so our moral convictions are stronger to prevent domination."

Venezuela: Maduro Warns Citizens, Army of Trump’s ‘Invasion’ Plans

During the military parade, President Maduro proposed "resuming military cooperation with friendly countries," such as Russia, China, Turkey and Iran, to fight against the imperialist forces.

President Maduro stressed that Venezuela is a sovereign country. "Very early Venezuela said enough to colonial domination, we gave an example 200 years ago, I tell all Venezuelans: They have not been able or will ever be able to win against us, we will be free, independent and sovereign forever, there will be no return to colonialism."

Maduro said that the FNAB are the ones capable of combining "the principles and combative morality to confront political, diplomatic and financial aggressions of the empire and the oligarchy," asking the army to resist against all the attacks. "I congratulate the Bolivarian Armed Forces in its day. Its birth certificate is the fight against the old imperialisms!" the president added. 


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