Venezuela's President Maduro Announces Cabinet Renewal


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday a renewal of his government’s cabinet, now mostly composed by young, revolutionary women as heads of new and old ministries.


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Among the changes, Maduro named Delcy Rodriguiz as the country’s Vice President and announced the creation of a new ministry called the Ministry of Industries and National Production, news that come just few weeks after his victory in the May 20 presidential elections, which will be led by the former Vice President Tareck El Aissami.

"As the country’s Vice President, I have appointed a young, brave woman, the daughter of a martyr and revolutionary, tested in thousands of battles; our sister Delcy Eloína Rodríguez," the president announced in a series of tweets Thursday. 

"I have also created a powerful Ministry of Industries and national production to unleash and recover the productive forces of Venezuela. I also commend this task to our brother Tareck El Aissami."

El Aissami will also be the vice president of the Ministry of Economics.

He added that his renewal of the cabinet is meant to "boost the economy and face the economic and financial war" led by the United States and its regional allies against Venezuela.

President Maduro announced the young ecologist Heryck Rangel as the new Ecosocialism Minister, to preserve life on planet as proposed in the 2025 Fatherland Plan.

To take care of water resources of the country, Maduro ordered the creation of the Ministry of Water Attention, with Evelyn Vasquez as its head.

“Our revolution is deeply feminist,” said Maduro. “In order to protect 6 million Homes of the Fatherland and so all our pregnant women are protected by the Humanized Birth Plan and the Mother Breast Feeding Proman I name Caryl Bertho as Woman’s Minister.”


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The union leader Eduardo Piñate will be the head of the Workers’ Productive Council in order to strengthen the construction of a powerful workers’ movement against the economic war.

Hipolito Abreu, from the Great Patriotic Pole, will be the new transportation minister. “We must listen to the people’s voice, reboot the Transport Mission, end up with mafias and achieve a modern public transportation system.”

The former Tourism Minister Marleny Contreras was appointed as the new Public Works Minister. “I know she will throughly fulfill this new responsibility.”

And replacing Contreras will be Stella Lugo, who also served as governor of the Falcon State and is now chief of the Francisco de Miranda island-territory.

“The youth and women are the hallmark of this new beginning. A new young socialist leader, Mayerlin Arias, embodies the role of new generations for a better future,” wrote Maduro before announcing her appointment as Minister of Urban Agriculture, hoping to find a new way for food sovereignty.

In order to substitute a rentier model for a diversified one that invites for foreign investment, the president named Yomana Koteich, expert in economics, as Foreign Trade and International Investment Minister.

And to preserve and guarantee access to fish as a healthy source of protein and protect species, Dante Rivas was named as fishing and aquaculture minister.


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