Video of level crossing near-misses released to warn of dangers


Network Rail have released a video of a Dorset level crossing to show the dangers of ignoring warning signals.

The crossing on Poole High Street witnessed a third of Dorset’s 86 injuries caused at such junctions.

It is hoped the video will discourage others from taking similar action when at level crossings.

Sam Pead, Network Rail’s level crossing manager for the region, said: “The cyclists and pedestrians from this footage were extremely lucky to have avoided serious harm – the consequences could have been so much worse.

“Incidents of this nature, particularly where people think they can make it over the level crossing before the barrier closes, are worryingly common in Dorset- particularly at Poole High Street- and we are working with local authorities to educate people on the dangers of deliberately misusing crossings.

“There are no excuses for attempting to use level crossing when the lowering sequence is active – it’s not just potential criminal proceedings that you’re risking, it’s also your life.”


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