WATCH: Doug Jones Ads Push To Flip Alabama Republicans


You have to be careful when you’re running in one of the reddest states in America, and your Republican opponent just keeps setting his campaign on fire.

Telling Alabama Republicans they’ve voted wrong all their lives and why don’t they switch? That’s not gonna work.

But telling them their vote for Roy Moore will haunt them the rest of their lives, that their grandchildren will ask them ‘why did you vote for Roy Moore’?

Yeah that might just work. And if you have a prominent Republican like Steve Duncan endorsing you (because electing Roy Moore, pedophile predator is a bridge too far…)

…that just might work.

And you have plain folks Republicans (your neighbors!) saying Roy Moore is disgusting and Doug Jones is a good Alabamian…

…that just might work.

And your candidate is a guy who walks and talks just like you…not like some mall-trolling teen-baiting dirty old man)

…that just might work.

PS. I love that these ads use the term “divisive” as the problem, rather than “Republican.” Gotta ease those voters into voting sanity slowly, so they don’t get whiplash.

If this method doesn’t work, and the guy who insists he’s a representative of Jesus Christ while taking 14-year-old girls in the woods for some undie time….

….maybe we can make Puerto Rico a state, and Alabama a territory. Wouldn’t have to change the flag or nothin’.


USA News


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