We’re ‘building the ladder’ for other women of color to run for office


Rep. Jayapal, 53, took time out from her busy day to visit with Daily Kos guest reporter Iara Peng, former COO of Solidaire. She spoke about the different perspectives that she brings to the Capitol, as both an immigrant (one of just twelve in Congress) and a woman of color. 

Diversity isn’t just about the pictures looking better or checking a box—it’s really about bringing a lived experience to bear. And so the stories that I tell, and the stories that I respond to as a human being, are very different because of my immigrant experience, and because of my organizing experience. 

The hearings that I chair, I chair differently. I tell different stories, and I listen to different stories. I craft different legislation because I see how desperately needed that perspective is, and how it’s not being represented. 

Take six minutes and get to know Rep. Jayapal. She may have come to the United States all by herself, but she’s committed to working with others to build a better nation for all of us.

It’s beyond time for women to be involved in the leadership of these United States.

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