What are the UK’s most delayed airlines?


More than a quarter of flights to UK airports are delayed, new figures show.

In a study of 850,000 inbound flights across 35 airlines at 25 UK airports, consumer watchdog Which? revealed an average of just 74% of flights arrived on time.

Canadian leisure airline Air Transat was the worst performer with 45% of its flights late, followed by Icelandair (44%) and Norwegian (40%).

KLM was found to be the most punctual airport in 2016 with just 12% of flights late.

In certain circumstances, delayed passengers can claim compensation under EU law. But if the disruption is caused by factors such as extreme weather or airport strikes travellers are unlikely to receive a payout.

Which? claims passengers making complaints against airlines are poorly served and has called for the next government to introduce a transport ombudsman to improve the way customer grievances are dealt with.

The organisation’s magazine editor, Richard Headland, said: “Flight delays are one of the most annoying things about travelling. These figures show just how frequently flights fail to reach their destination on time.

“If you’re unlucky enough to experience a severe delay, compensation is available and people should claim what they’re rightly entitled to.

“We know that resolving complaints with airlines can be a very tricky process, so we’re calling on the next government to legislate for a new, mandatory transport ombudsman.”


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