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WhatsApp will be rolling out some new updates, based on the iOS update and Android beta for the app.

The WhatsApp team seems to have their hands full with adding some brand-new features and upgrades to the messaging app, judging from a new iOS update and the beta release for Android.

Here are some new features you can expect:

  1. Improved voice recording function

The Facebook-owned app rolled out a new update for iOS, just after releasing a new beta for Android.

Similar to messaging app Telegram, the update now allows users to continuing listening to a WhatsApp voice message even after they have left the app, or when the screen is on sleep mode, reported UK media outlet Daily Express.

Previously, voice messages would pause when the app was closed, causing users to lose their current place within the recording.

2. Status updates can be viewed in the iPhone’s Today View

The iOS update also allows iPhone users to look at their contacts’ recent status updates in the Today view through the WhatsApp widget, according to WhatsApp’s app store page says.

The widget can be enabled in the iPhone notification center, saving users the extra hassle of having to open the WhatsApp app to check on their friends.

3. Improved Change Number feature

This function is only available on the Android beta version (2.18.97) of the app but will be available to Android and iOS users soon.

Users will be able to transfer their account information, groups, and settings to a new mobile number without having to create a new account.

On top of that, the feature allows users to notify all their contacts or selected contacts that they have ditched their old number, making it all the easier to make the switch.

4. QR code payments

The beta version also shows that WhatsApp is rolling out support for monetary transactions made through QR codes.

This is done through WhastApp payments, where there is an option to scan a QR code.

To use this feature, WhatsApp users have to go to Settings > Payments > New Payment and then scan the QR Code.

Once a compatible QR code is detected, the desired amount can be entered for the transaction to be made.


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