Who are the victims of the London terror attack?


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Tributes left at the scene of the brutal attack Credit: PA

Seven people have been killed and another 48 are injured in five hospitals across London after terrorists used a white van to plough into pedestrians before stabbing passers-by.

A Canadian national was among those killed in the “senseless” attack, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed.

None of those who died in the Saturday night attack on London Bridge and in Borough Market have yet to be named.

Of the 48 admitted, a total of 36 patients are currently being cared for in London hospital and 21 of these patients remain in a critical condition, NHS England said.

The Prime Minister paid a private visit to King’s College Hospital in south London – which has been caring for 14 patients – to meet some of the victims and staff who have been treating them.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, confirmed that one Canadian national was among those killed in the attack. He said: “Canada strongly condemns the senseless attack that took place last night in London, United Kingdom, which killed and injured many innocent people.

“I am heartbroken that a Canadian is among those killed.

“We grieve with the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones, and wish all those injured a speedy and full recovery.”

Geoff Ho was injured in the attack on Saturday night. Credit: Facebook

Sunday Express business editor Geoff Ho was left in intensive care after being stabbed in the throat when he tried to help a wounded bouncer.

Mr Ho was filmed being led away from the scene by a policeman, clutching his neck and with his shirt off.

Friend Isabelle Oderberg, who had previously tweeted an appeal for information on his whereabouts, said: “We have found Geoff. He is in intensive care.”

She told Melbourne newspaper The Age: “He is actually a martial artist and I wouldn’t be surprised if he would have stood up and been counted because he’s just that type of person.”

According to the Mirror, he wrote on Facebook: “Don’t know whether it was stupid or noble to jump in and break up the fight outside the Southwark Tavern, but two a***s trying to do over the lone bouncer on the door isn’t happening on my watch.”

Four police officers were injured in the attack.

A British Transport Police (BTP) officer and an off-duty Metropolitan Police officer are in hospital with serious injuries but neither are believed to be in a life-threatening condition, Scotland Yard said.

The BTP officer, who was on duty, was one of the first to the scene after he responded to calls for help from the public, the force said.

He took on the knifemen armed only with his baton.

He suffered serious injuries when he was stabbed in the face, head and leg, wounds which BTP said are not thought to be life-threatening.

Chief Constable Paul Crowther said:

Having visited the officer in hospital shortly after he was admitted for treatment, I was able to hear his account of what happened last night.

It became clear that he showed enormous courage in the face of danger, as did many others who were at the scene and rushed to help.

Although he is seriously unwell, he was able to recount how he faced the attackers armed only with his baton, outside London Bridge station.

For an officer who only joined us less than two years ago, the bravery he showed was outstanding and makes me extremely proud.

– Chief Constable Paul Crowther

  • New Zealander Oliver Dowling

New Zealander Oliver Dowling is reported to have been left in a coma after being stabbed in the face, neck and stomach.

Mr Dowling, 32, from Christchurch, is said to have had four hours of surgery for his injuries and is an induced coma.

It was reported his girlfriend, Marie Bondeville, was also injured.

Mr Dowling’s sister, Freedy Dowling, wrote on Facebook: “This is heartbreaking. Get well soon Oliver and Marie.”

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  • Australian woman Candice Hedge

Australian woman Candice Hedge is reported to be one of two Australians injured. The Courier Mail newspaper reported that she was stabbed in the neck while eating dinner with her boyfriend after finishing a shift at Elliot’s restaurant in London Bridge.

The paper reported that the 31-year-old had her throat slashed after a man grabbed her from behind.

She reportedly wrote on Facebook: “Hey everyone, just so you know im doing ok. Bit of pain but I will survive. Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes. Love to all.”

Media in France reported that two French citizens were injured in the attack.

A statement from the Elysee said: “Fellow French citizens are among the injured. France is putting everything in place to assist them.”


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