Will Theresa May Choose British Lives Before Saudi Arabia?


The British Prime Minister Theresa May is being pressured by the general public to release the full result of a fact finding investigation done which is said to implicate UK ally Saudi Arabia in funding ISIS and other extremist groups.

The heart of Britain has been attacked three times in the past months by ISIS extremists, making it very difficult for Theresa May to protect Saudi Arabia. She has this week come out to say that the report cannot be published because of sensitive information regarding Saudi Arabia funding of extremists.

As Saudi Arabia being an ally of Britain, she feels it is important to protect them when needed. However the British opposition parties all have accused her of protecting Saudi Arabia before protecting the safety of the British people.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has demanded the release so that the British people knows who are the countries that funds ISIS terrorists that went on a horrific killing rampage in London just a few days back.

The Muslim community leaders of Britain has all come out to claim that it is time the British government stop supporting Middle East dictators in Saudi Arabia that funds and help spread extremist ideology around the world. These ideologies are what turns young Muslim youth to join ISIS.

As Jeremy Corbyn has demanded many times after the attack on Manchester, he believes it is time to go after those that are funding ISIS so they have no financial or military support from Middle Eastern dictators.

Election being just around the corner, will the British people choose May or will they choose Corbyn that has promised to publicise the report, so that Britain can have that embarrassing talk with Saudi Arabia that is much needed.


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