Woman who blocked train from departing in China fined, apologises for act


HEFEI, Anhui: A woman in eastern China who delayed the departure of a high-speed train because her husband was late was fined 2,000 yuan (US$310) on Wednesday (Jan 10). 

Sina News reported that Luo Haili was found to have “illegally intercepted trains and blocked railway transport”, violating the Railway Safety Management Regulations in China. The fine was the maximum for the offence.

Luo also issued an apology.  

“I wasn’t thinking straight at that point in time. All I thought about was for them (train station staff) to allow my husband to get down quickly, so our family of three can rush off to Guangzhou as we had urgent matters to attend to,” Luo said, according to Sina News.

“That’s why I did not pay attention to whatever the train captain and staff said to me. I am very sorry for my behaviour then. 

“To all the passengers on board the train, train staff and netizens, I sincerely apologise for my aggressive behaviour. I hope everyone can forgive me.”

Luo, who was with her daughter, stopped the train from departing as she was waiting for her husband on Jan 5. 

The family of three went to the wrong station initially. Both mother and daughter made it in time just as the train was about to depart, but her husband was held back at the ticket turnstile. 

Videos posted on social media show her holding onto the train doors to stop them from closing. Luo can be heard saying: “My husband is at the ticket entrance, I will move away when he comes”.

Attempts to pull her off the train proved to be futile. She eventually managed to board the train together with her family after a standoff lasting several minutes. 

According to a South China Morning Post report, Luo was suspended from her job as a teacher at a primary school in Hefei.


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