You might mistake this place for a funeral parlour – but it’s actually Bangkok’s death-themed cafe, Business Insider


The cafe is located beside Exim Bank near the BTS station on Aree Soi 1, in Bangkok.

If you’re sick of the same cute animal-themed cafes and aesthetically-pleasing brunch spots, this cafe in the heart of Bangkok might switch it up for you with a touch of morbidity.

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe encourages customers to think about life and death while having a drink amongst all things related to death, from white flowers and creepy candelabras to coffins and even a life-size skeleton.

What’s a cafe without an Instagram photo opportunity?

Designed with the idea of death in mind, the cafe is decorated in hues of black and grey. Expect funeral wreaths and a coffin to greet you at the entrance of the cafe.

You can get a 20 baht (S$0.64) discount on your bill if you lie in the coffin for a full three minutes. While it might not be a good idea if you’re claustrophobic, lying alone in a dark coffin is sure to get you thinking about the fleetingness of life.

Customers get an idea of what their deathbed might feel like.

Memos like “Is there anyone waiting for you?” and “Eventually, you can bring nothing” might strike a chord of unease in some, but that is exactly what this cafe hopes to achieve.

“Are you happy with what you are doing?”

Themed drinks with macabre-sounding names like ‘Painful’ and ‘Born’ are on the menu, along with a more familiar selection of coffee, named after equally gloomy names – a cup of ‘One Week Left’, anybody?

There is also a will-writing corner with pen and paper, where customers are able to pen down their last wishes and thoughts.

A will written in Thai by a customer at the cafe.
Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe Facebook page

The staff in the cafe explained that its purpose was to warn people to value life and live their lives to the fullest, as they may not wake up the next morning, according to Philippines news website Kicker Daily.

So much for a light brunch.


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