You will not get a dime of my money


The Second Amendment is not the only amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It’s just like the other articles: amendments have limits, and none of them are written in stone. You cannot yell fire in a crowded movie theater, and you cannot claim religious freedom when committing a human sacrifice. The courts have ruled in favor of warrantless searches, even though the Fourth Amendment explicitly spells out that warrants shall only be issued with probably cause. 

When the 18th Amendment passed, no constitutional amendment had ever been repealed in our nation’s history. But the 18th Amendment was repealed by the 21st Amendment. The rights granted in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are not inviolable, and can be revoked or changed if the citizens on the United States agree to that. The NRA and the gun lobby could easily put an end to much of the gun violence by supporting very reasonable restrictions and laws. However, they have collectively decided to drag their feet in order to protect their precious guns—and the profits made on selling death. 

Now, to share two of the most ridiculous questions on their survey.

#6. Do you oppose any United Nations treaty that strips the U.S. or of its sovereignty and gives the U.N. diplomats the power to regulate every rifle, pistol, and shotgun you own?

They are peddling a conspiracy theory. That is all this is: a conspiracy theory.

#7. The anti-gun media claims that most gun owners support mandatory, national gun registration. Do you agree that law-abiding citizens should be forced to submit to mandatory gun registration or else forfeit their guns and their freedom?

Now, I have never seen a poll or a news story about a hypothetical national gun registration. I have seen polls that state the majority of Americans want background checks.

The NRA wants me to spend my hard-earned money so that they can fight for people to carry the same goddamn rifle I carried in the Army. It’s a rifle that was designed for a battlefield. It has no place on the civilian market, and I will not give the NRA a damn cent. Anyone who does has given them blood money, and will have the blood of children on their hands when a school shooting happens again.

And it will happen again, thanks to the NRA.

Oh, and if anyone from the NRA is reading this: take my name off your mailing list.


USA News


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